Zachary Winnie

Mercury New Media

Zachary Winnie

Senior Interface Designer at Mercury New Media. Skilled in UX (research, strategy, sketching, wireframing, white boarding, paper prototyping, information architecture, content planning, flow diagrams, usability, user testing, accessibility), UI (Photoshop & Adobe XD), and front end development (HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Node, ReactJS, Gulp, Webpack, style guides, linting, SonarQube, Selenium & functional testing, browser testing, WordPress/Sitefinity/other CMS’s, MVC .NET, PHP, MySQL, SQL, Git). In my free time, I enjoy photography, bicycling, traveling with my wife, movies, and playing with my two puppies.

What's New In Bootstrap 4

Room 200
02:00 PM - 02:50 PM

Learn what's new in the next version of Bootstrap, version 4 (now in beta). We'll see how it compares to version 3 with what's been added and what's been removed, and how you might approach upgrading. We'll also go over suggested ways to include Bootstrap in your project using SASS and Gulp.