santhosh kumar

JP Morgan Chase

santhosh kumar

I am a full stack developer working with JP Morgan Chase primarily on Micro Services architecture using technologies such as Angular, Typescript, Spring Boot and Cloud solutions like cloud foundry. Previously I worked as a technical lead for Techaffinity, leading the company's big data and AWS initiatives.

Devops for Developers with AWS

Room 228
04:00 PM - 04:50 PM

The presentation will provide a walkthrough of setting up a cluster of servers using Amazon AWS for dev/qa/prod and implementing CI/CD using Jenkins. The presentation will also go through some of the basic scaling techniques that can be implemented. At the end of the presentation, the viewers will have a basic idea of setting up EC2 servers, RDS databases, security groups through AWS console, Elastic IP, a fully configured Jenkins server that can be used to automate builds and deploy them to the servers.