Cindy Sullivan


Cindy Sullivan

Cindy Sullivan,: A Principal Enterprise Architect with a strong thirst for knowledge, who sees cloud, big data, data mining, statistics, and social analytic as the next frontier in building a more robust and personnel customer experience. A properly designed cloud, be it in, Private Cloud (Your Data Center), AWS, Azure, Oracle Cloud, etc is critical for the faster development, deployment, and release of your product. I also believe in automated collaborative build efforts, by using technology, such as Github and/or Bit Bucket to source your code (Java, Python, Ruby, Puppet, Chef, Vagrant, etc) interfaced with Jenkins for deployment, in order to create a service catalog for you organization. There are also many other products out there that do the same things and more, and that is where a good architect is always learning in order to glean what is best for the customer in order to surge forward. Through the smart use of technologies to meet each companies individual data needs, I hope to push high performance response, with a cost effective solution.

Docker Swarm Demo using 5 Node Raspberry Pi Cluster

Room 310
04:00 PM - 04:50 PM

Demo the following: • Advantages of Container vs. Current VM/Application Deployments • Discussion of Load Balancing Strategies • Process of Single Container Deployment • Process of Docker Service Scaling Up and Down • Manager Auto Failure Scenario, and discussion of Raft Consensus Group • Worker Auto Failure Scenario, and redistribution of container workload. • Manager and Worker Auto Join Scenario • Container Upgrade Process in running service.