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Davis W Graham

An Orthogonal thinker through interconnected reasoning skills with a focus on technological solutions and ready to work - daviswgraham@gmail.com - 941.212.0299. 2016 Brandeis University graduate with academic honors with an MS in Health and Medical Informatics (MS in HMI). He designs technology solutions to improve operational efficiencies both in education and in healthcare. He has introduced the use of alternative payment and delivery models as solutions to our very complicated healthcare delivery system. This is accomplished by strong communication skills and the ability to "tailor solutions" to solve challenges of delivery gaps in communication. Serving as an Executive for 29+ years of which 7 years was in Government relations in Washington D.C., his most recent 22 years was in Healthcare in the outpatient radiology industry. An example of bridging the gaps in healthcare, he designed and delivered the 1st Apple application for the IBM/Merge Healthcare RIS allowing for the radiologists' reports to be instantly delivered to referring physicians on their iPhone/iPad. Davis continues to learn by refining his skills by applying his education with an innovative spirit as individuals strive to empower themselves with knowledge through growing wearable data. As the data in healthcare grows it will empower the individual with decision-making knowledge for health, performance improvement and a new focus on life. Davis was asked to serve as a Consulting Advisor for MIT Digital Literacy Project at Scheller Teacher Education Program for Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It was our vision that in the future, use of reading technology may eventually make reading impairment a non-issue. Instead of painfully struggling with text— people afflicted with dyslexia will be able to put their energies where it matters most: to discover ideas about the world and work with these in print, to achieve their potential and realize their dreams. This was a voluntary position to help raise funds for the research project. As a Consultant, he continues to think outside of the box as a designer, motivated by innovative ideas implemented into action.

Virtualizing the digital word in education

Room 327
01:00 PM - 01:50 PM

Today education is a noninclusive or exclusive delivery system. We have based our education system on how well you read and how well you write. Our education system is not measuring individuals as to how well they gain knowledge and how well they expressed knowledge. By doing so, it has created an economic issue to one extreme, while creating a technological frontier yet to be discovered. This session is providing a glimpse of how technology has made a once exclusive learning environment into an inclusive environment. With the advent of the smartphone focusing specifically on the iPhone/iPad/iPod and how the embedded text-to-speech software (TTS) gives access to the individual whether they can read or not read. Delivering the digital word to our "underutilized auditory network"* through the TTS in our 1st language which is our auditory language is empowering almost all individuals. While Apple's iDevice has the exclusive market on TTS, almost all smartphones have the speech to text (STT), empowering the person to be as creative as they want to be without worrying about how well they spell. Today like never before the printed word, is now a digital word sitting on top of the Internet of things (IoT). This in itself is the gateway to deep and immersive learning at our fingertips. I will demonstrate how technology has led us onto a pathway to a new foundation in education yet to be implemented but for some are ready obtained. Augmented reality and virtual reality is already here in education. The textbook is not a hurdle but an invitation to a virtual education which can be accessible to the world. *Matthew Schneps-MIT-Using Technology to Break the Speed Barrier of Reading, American Scientific.