Rein G


Rein G

Started my software career on the US west coast and then got into advanced military aerospace. Retired from the industry for a while and returned to find it virtually unchanged and decided that radical changes are needed in the software engineering process if we are going to properly leverage AI automation and a variety of other emerging technologies. I have a number of articles on Medium under @reinman

Rethinking the role of operating systems in the age of dynamic languages

Room 228
03:00 PM - 03:50 PM

It's been known since 1964 that dynamic programming languages require special infrastructure to properly leverage them for Extreme Agile, AI, FP etc. If you followed the rise of Goldman Sachs, you will know that NYC is currently under a massive buildout to address this problem, which spawned a tech boom in eastern Europe. This session will look beyond programming languages and rethink our notion of "operating systems" based on concepts like category theory, persistent memory, single level memory etc.