Santosh Hari

Microsoft Azure MVP, Azure Consultant @ New Signature

Santosh Hari

Santosh is a Microsoft Azure MVP and a public speaker who has spoken at tech events including codecamps and regional/international conferences. He is an Azure Consultant @ New Signature, where he leverages his broad Azure skillset with a DevOps focused approach to add more value to companies looking to migrate to the cloud or build cloud first applications. Santosh is deeply involved with the local community as leader of the Orlando .NET User Group and co-organizer of the Orlando Codecamp. Santosh was listed in TechBeacon's DevOps Top 100 for 2018

The reality of burnout among software professionals

Soft Skills (Room 310)
01:00 PM - 01:50 PM

Burnout among software professionals is far more widespread than we would like to admit. It sneaks up on us. At first we dread going in to work each day. We can barely focus enough to get through the day and struggle with otherwise simple-for-us tasks. It starts there and gets much worse. So what are some of the things that cause us to burn out? We will draw from personal experiences and have a frank and productive discussions on some of the well-known, and not so well-known causes of burn out, how to recognize the symptoms, how to avoid getting burned out and some tricks on coping.

API Gateways and Microservices: 2 peas in a pod

Cloud/IoT (Room 301)
02:00 PM - 02:50 PM

Chances are you’ve already gone through the tedious process of decomposing your monolith into microservices, or at the very least, want to use microservices in the near future. Nowadays, microservices connect to various APIs. These APIs could differ in protocols (REST/SOAP), where they’re hosted (on-prem/cloud), security (tokens/JWTs) and so on. Learn how to leverage API Gateways so your microservices are able to fully connect and harness the power of these APIs. This talk will go into details on various API Gateway offerings and a decision matrix on which one to pick. The talk will also highlight the various features of API Gateways like productizing APIs, creating users and subscriptions, security, error handling, rate limiting. We will use Azure API Management to display the awesome power of API Gateways but the principles will be universal.