Santosh Hari

Microsoft MVP & Consultant - Azure

Santosh Hari

Santosh Hari is a Microsoft Azure MVP. He is a frequent speaker at meetups and Codecamps. His day job is at Konacom, a wireless startup, where as Director of Software, he leverages his software skills to help provide high quality, affordable wireless broadband to the developing world. He also runs a software consulting company, Sand Dollar Technology, with his wife. Santosh also volunteers for Orlando .NET User Group (President) and co-organizer of Orlando Codecamp.

DevOps crash course with ASP.NET Core, Docker containers, Azure ARM Templates and Azure DevOps

Cloud (Room 310)
11:00 AM - 11:50 AM

Consider this scenario: you're given a ASP.NET Core web app and told to go live within the next 30 minutes. Oh and by the way the web app should run on Docker containers and the release process should utilize a CI/CD pipeline. But wait there's more: you get bonus points for implementing different release environments (dev, test, prod). Did we mention these environments should be completely self-generating from scratch? The clock is ticking. GO!!! We will go through a fast paced demo where we comfortably cover all these scenarios in the allocated time and by the end of it, you will be raring to go build some awesome CI/CD pipelines for your own web apps.

Cosmos DB 101: Basics and Quickstart

Data (Room 305)
01:00 PM - 01:50 PM

Azure CosmosDB is one of the hottest names in technology these days. With global distribution, multi-model support. and numerous APIs for accessing your data including SQL, JavaScript, Gremlin, MongoDB, Cassandra and Azure Table Storage, CosmosDB offers a wide array of solutions for data storage on a global scale. This talk will cover a high level look at the various features and capabilities of CosmosDB and resources on getting started.

Serverless & Schema-less with Azure Functions and CosmosDB

Cloud (Room 203)
03:00 PM - 03:50 PM

Remember the scene from The Matrix where Neo goes "I know ... Kung Fu". Consider this your "I know ... Kung Fu" moment but for Serverless. These days some of the best solutions are Serverless - code executing in the cloud, reading and writing data to datastores in the cloud, without having to worry about minuate like the data schema and scaling issues. This talk goes beyond the Serverless Schema-less hype and discusses some use cases and practical implementations for truly going Serverless & Schema-less using Azure Functions, CosmosDB and C#.