Jason Nickerson


Jason Nickerson

Jason Nickerson is the co-founder of Monev Software LLC / Joomlaxtc.com, one of the leading Joomla Template and Extension clubs. A Joomla! volunteer and contributor, Jason currently hosts the annual JoomlaDay Florida. A long-time Joomla! user with over ten years of Joomla experience, Jason's love for coding, and online endeavors started way back in the early 80’s with dial-up modems and bulletin board systems. The organizer of the Tampa Joomla User Group and Jason now hosts the annual JoomlaDay Florida. A member of the Joomla Site Showcase team and a contributor to Joomla's Capitol and JWC teams, Jason is well connected with the Joomla Community. Jason's latest endeavor partnered him with Jothan Frakes to produce CMS Summit at the Merge Show Conference. Jason has built hundreds of websites using Joomla, including developing the Green Party Presidential Campaign site in 2008. He now spends his time preaching the gospel of Joomla and creating new resources for web developers.

The Future of Webdesign

Design (Room 309)
02:00 PM - 02:50 PM

The future of web design is at hand and as technology advances, web design is set for some big changes. In this session, Jason Nickerson will take a look into technologic advancements and design concepts that will drive the web into the future.