Michael W. Ritchie


Michael W. Ritchie

Michael W. Ritchie is a 25 year veteran of the technology industry and start-up ecosystem. An accomplished leader and respected technical expert, Michael provides the necessary engineering competence coupled with an executive level vision to translate business requirements into technology solutions across the enterprise. A tried and proven manager, Michael can manage large–scale projects within complex environments from conception to deployment while meeting business and financial objectives. Michael brings an extensive knowledge of full lifecycle software development and production operations. His diverse background includes MedTech/HIMS, FinTech, eCommerce, ERP, B2B, B2C, SaaS, and Enterprise Web Services. His experience includes solutions for Veralytic, Moffitt Cancer Center, UPS, MCI, MTV, Worldcom, Fredericks of Hollywood, Harcourt Brace, HSN, and CNBC. He has a bachelor of science degree in computer science and is a member of UPE Honor Society for Computing. Michael is the Founder of Germinal, LLC; a software design and development consultancy; a frequent public speaker, dad, and overgrown Boy Scout (Scoutmaster).

Secure IoT with Azure Sphere

Cloud/IoT (Room 302)
02:00 PM - 02:50 PM

Learn how Azure Sphere addresses the seven common attack vectors of IoT devices. Security is foundational to connected IoT experiences. Don't trust your brand to single line-of-defense and second-best solutions. Takeaways: Azure Sphere overview Background on Sphere's security, based on years of Microsoft experience and research. How Azure Sphere promotes security with crossover MCUs The Sphere secured OS Turnkey cloud security service, guarding every Azure Sphere device End-to-end IoT security that responds to emerging threats—so you don't have to.