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Power Objects

Giles Marino

Giles Marino is a Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft Certified Professional and an IASA Foundation Certified IT Architect with 20+ years’ experience developing enterprise and commercial business applications. He earned his computer science degree abroad and completed his professional internship in 1992 at Control Data Systems, a worldwide leader in manufacturing scientific computer systems. Giles currently works with Microsoft MVP's in the role of "Technical Architect" for Power Objects, the largest Dynamics 365 development, integration, sales and support providers in the U.S.

Data Integration Concepts with Dynamics 365 SSIS and Kingsway Soft

Data (Room 305)
10:00 AM - 10:50 AM

This session will focus on Data Integration with Dynamics 365 & the "Kingsway Soft" adapter for SSIS. The session will discuss basic data integration concepts with Kingsway Soft. and Dynamics 365. Together we will walk-thru how to build a a basic bi-directional integration from a SQL Database to Dynamics 365 and back to SQL with data synchronization using a data mapping table, KWS, SSIS and Fetch XML. Will will also cover error handling concepts available in KWS and D365. This course assumes that you have a basic working knowledge of databases, SQL queries and relational theory.

Defining the Role of an Architect

Design (Room 309)
01:00 PM - 01:50 PM

• Introduction to IASA ( with primary focus on the “Role of an Architect” as it relates to the IASA Design Foundation Pillar. • Defines what an architect and architecture is and it’s primary goals in the enterprise. • Provides insight to what a successful architecture practice should look like • Discusses activities to engage in prior to architectural design and Tools • Presents important Architectural Tools that can improve the success of your architectural designs • This presentation is interactive in nature and benefits greatly from audience participation