Sean Davis


Sean Davis

Sean is an IT veteran with almost 20 years of experience covering virtually every sector of IT. Approaching problems with childlike wonder, leveraging a library of skills as a polyglot and solving the unsolvable is the day-to-day. His current primary areas of expertise are around DevOps, Agile Coaching, Life Coaching, and Business Transformation. He loves to meet people, share knowledge and help others grow. He enjoys spending time with his family, racing, working on cars and home automation.

DevOps Transformations Lesson Learned


How do we migrate this app? Should we use Agile or DevOps? What are other businesses doing? What kind of people will we need? Are we even on the right track? Sometimes experience is our best teacher. Join Sean Davis as he shares several experiences around lessons learned from several companies transformations over the last few years. This session will cover candid conversations around real problems and how others in an industry like yours are both failing and succeeding in solving them. Sean will share insight into what some of the largest companies in tech and non-tech industries are learning, common mistakes made along the way, and even some personal lessons learned. If your looking to start a DevOps transformation, just getting started or just want to know what one looks like, you don't want to miss this session!

Leadership For Developers

Soft Skills (Room 304)
01:00 PM - 01:50 PM

Leadership and management are commonly mistaken as the same thing, which can hamper your success not only in your career but in your personal life and even in your community. Leadership occurs at all levels of the organization but can sometimes be challenging in certain team formations. In this session, we will focus on developer challenges around becoming a leader in your team and organization. Learn how to create and capitalize on opportunities as a leader in a developer role and how to get the most out of your time, foster stronger and more meaningful relationships, create valuable feedback loops, and how to develop and mentor others responsibly. This session will focus on simplicity and common business practices used by some of the largest organizations in the world. See how meritocracy, increasing organizational thought diversity, developing paint drip skills, collaborating cross-functionally and cultural influence can make a significant impact in all areas of your life.

Azure Cloud Deployments Made Easy

Cloud (Room 326)
04:00 PM - 04:50 PM

If you're a developer or engineer looking to start building or migrating to Azure, then you're going to want the help of Azure Resource Manager (ARM). Gone are the days of submitting tickets or filling out build sheets for servers, developers can now integrate infrastructure directly into their codebase. ARM allows you to deploy, manage, and monitor resources programmatically. Making the efforts of managing resources for multiple environments, applications, and configurations simple, easy, and updatable with the push of a button. You will learn how to leverage native (and free!) tools to deliver or migrate your application to the Azure cloud. We’ll begin by talking about the tools needed to build our new ARM templates, then you'll learn how to leverage VSTS CI/CD pipeline to deploy your templates into several environments with approval gating or simultaneously deployment. Then you'll see a demonstration of how easily and quickly a sample application can be brought from code to delivery in less than a few minutes. Finally, you'll be given a library of over 100 open source templates and all the presentation scripts and samples to get you started with your own ARM creations and migrations.