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Tom Howe

Tom Howe graduated with a BA in Economics from DePauw University. He has spent his entire career in Enterprise Technology with both large firms - Control Data, Sybase - and startups - Open Market (ecommerce), iPhrase (search and CRM) and Liquid Machines (data leakage prevention). He has been with Google Cloud for over 11 years and is responsible for representing Google's cloud technologies to companies of all sizes in Florida.

Migrating to Google Cloud

Cloud (Room 226)
10:00 AM - 10:50 AM

Topics include: technology to audit your current in-house environment to help choose candidate workloads data transfer A live demo of a VM migration how to live in a Hybrid world (including a glimpse at the new Google - Cisco partnership) how to live in a multi-cloud world Success stories - With its services in high demand, Evernote migrated from a private cloud to Google Cloud Platform, moving 3.5PB of data to a more scalable and secure infrastructure Improved performance, uptime, and security by moving to Google Cloud Platform Better visibility across the entire application stack Faster delivery of powerful new services and features Freed time for FTEs to accelerate development cycles