Beth Burrell


Beth Burrell

Accomplished & results-oriented senior technology leader with progressive experience & expert proficiency in presales technology, project leadership, enterprise technology solutions & business process re-engineering. Passionate about technology & people on every project! Combine effective leadership with creativity & focus on total organizational coordination to introduce system efficiencies, improve processes, streamline operations & maximize productivity via best practice methodologies. Pre-sales technology with contributions to high growth rates in all departments and activities. Up-selling which accounted for a high percentage of growth on existing customers Highly regarded for the ability to simultaneously manage multiple high-profile projects; meet deadlines on schedule and under budget; provide excellent customer service & develop, motivate, and sustain cross-functional teams; .

Women in Tech - Ride the Wave

Soft Skills (Room 303)
11:00 AM - 11:50 AM

Let's get together to talk about Women in Tech and how they can work smarter to ensure that they are getting same pay, rights and opportunities that the men are getting. Let's capitalize on the movement and ensure we have the same chances that our male counterparts may have.