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Erica Woods

Erica Woods is the Manager of IT Contractor Programs and Philanthropy at Apex Systems. Her focus is on overseeing programs, teams, communication channels, and other resources that support and add value to their National IT Contractor Community of 15,000+. Erica also oversees corporate philanthropy efforts and STEM/Tech4Good programs. She has 13+ years of experience in the IT staffing world and an MBA from Loyola University. She delivers Career Development webcasts and writes articles for Apex and the online technical community, speaks at tech community conferences such as BA World/PM Summit, PMI PDD events and SQL Saturdays, and provides internal and external Team, Attitude, Performance, Career and Hiring Coaching. Erica also is a Co-Organizer for the Tampa and Baltimore Tech4Good groups, which are Tech Soup NetSquared groups that bring together technical folks looking for skills-based volunteering opportunities with nonprofits in need of technology help/guidance/troubleshooting. Publications:

7 Key Job Search Activities

Soft Skills (Room 310)
10:00 AM - 10:50 AM

Have you ever heard someone say "my job search was easy!" Yeah, we haven't either. In this workshop, learn 7 key tips to ensure you come across job prospects that interest you, get more interview requests from your application, crush your interview, and more! Here's the 7 key tips and activities we'll discuss best practices and resources around: 1. Resume Optimization 2. Understanding Market Worth 3. Utilizing Effective Job Search Resources 4. Effective Outreach (Referral Route or 2nd Outreach Channel) 5. Fine-tuning Elevator Pitch 6. Effective Interview Preparation 7. Post-Interview Thank You