Independent Consultant


Doctor Quintana has been involved in optimization and math modeling since the 80’s. He is a former IT University professor at the Technological University of America in Florida where he taught Databases, Data Mining, and Knowledge Discovery. He worked as a research engineer at the Memorial University of Newfoundland. He also worked as a consultant in the role of a technical team leader and software architect for EDS He was one of the software architects that built and designed ‘The Benefit System for the Veteran Affairs of Canada”. In 2004 he started his consulting practice in South and Central Florida.

“Data Architecture for the 21st Century: Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Management Systems (BDMS)”

Data (Room 305)
02:00 PM - 02:50 PM

Big Data (Hadoop and NoSQL), The Cloud, The IoT and Data Science are changing the Enterprise Data Architecture. Dr. Deming said "In God we trust, all others must bring data." but what he really wanted to reach was Wisdom! Data is just the raw material the real goal is Wisdom I have been thinking about the chain toward Wisdom (DataInformationKnowledgeWisdom) and wonder how many organizations have reached, at least, the Level of Knowledge and if any at all have reached the pinnacle of Wisdom. We are drowning in a sea of data and we are starving for wisdom. In this presentation I will explain: 1. How the Modern Database Architecture landscape is changing 2. The chain toward Wisdom or Data Life Cycle (DataInformationKnowledgeWisdom) 3. Show the advantages and disadvantages of OLTP, OLAP and Big Data, and the rise of the BDMS (BIG DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS). 4. The different data architectural models and use cases in the 21st Century