Harish Beeram

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Harish Beeram

Harish is a Sr. Enterprise UI Consultant at AgileThought, a custom software development and consulting firm. With a passion for all thing UI/UX, Harish has led enterprise design at various organizations including Bloomin’ Brands, Clarifire, Raymond James, Fiserv and Midlands Choice. His diverse experience designing, architecting and developing small to large-scale applications, allows him to develop immersive front-end solutions across a wide range of industries. Harish is an active contributor to the design community and can be found speaking at events like Tampa meetups (St Pete .NET Group, the .NETwork) and annual conferences . He has an M.S in Mechanical Engineering from University of Missouri Rolla, and has been living in Tampa bay area since 2006 with his wife and two kids.

UX- The Guessing Game

Design (Room 309)
11:00 AM - 11:50 AM

In this interactive session, attendees will experience a role-playing exercise that will allow them to understand the deeper meaning of UX. We’ll cover everything from the evolution of the human brain to why design principles are critical to creating great UX.