Timothy Adams


Timothy Adams

Solutions Architect at the University of South Florida. I mostly work in academic clinical research designing and building systems for managing clinical trials.

Navigating the world of complex, creative knowledge work with Wardley Maps


As technologists we engage in complex, creative knowledge work every day. The decisions we make shape the direction of the products we work on and the companies we work in. Wardley mapping can help us understand the potential implications of those choices so that we can make them intentionally in a way that benefits us. It is a technique for developing situational awareness in a landscape buffeted by the forces of competition and evolution. In an uncertain environment, mapping can help us to find where we are, to recognize patterns, and to anticipate changes that we might encounter in the future. This session will introduce you to some of the key concepts of Wardley mapping. We will cover the basics of landscape, climate, and doctrine. You will learn to identify customer needs, to map value chains, to understand evolution, and to anticipate change. You will also learn how to apply these ideas to common technology decisions, such as when and how to custom develop a component, or when buying would be a better choice than building. It is my hope that you will learn enough about mapping to see how it can benefit you with the decisions you make every day, and that the end of this session will be the beginning of your journey with Wardley maps.