Adam Seebeck


Adam Seebeck

Adam Seebeck is an author, CEO, Sr. Developer, instructor, and a MCSD. He began his coding journey by building a popular AOL app in the early 2000s. He taught .NET at a Technical College where he wrote his first book, C# Fundamentals. He is CEO and Instructor at unQbd, an online education platform. At Think Anew, a top 5% Microsoft Global Partner, he works as a Sr. Developer. He also leads a fun monthly meetup group called Hungry Coders in Clearwater Florida.

C# 8 is here, what’s new?

DevOps (Room 305)
04:00 PM - 04:50 PM

C# is a popular and versatile programming language. Let’s explore the latest version 8.0 and highlight some of the top new features. See how these new features can help boost productivity, efficiency, and hopefully reduce coding errors.