Suzanne Ricci

Computer Coach

Suzanne Ricci

Since 2000, Suzanne has helped thousands of individuals grow their potential through customized success and career planning strategies.Her passion for helping others achieve their desired results is seen in everything she does. She is an accomplished entrepreneur, success coach, business consultant and book author. In 2002, Suzanne founded a Training Center to help individuals and corporations in the Tampa Bay area achieve continued success through customized training and certification programs. In 2011, under Suzanne’s continued dynamic leadership, the company was acquired by the largest private equity firm with an exclusive focus on the Knowledge Sector. Understanding the keys to business success and the need to fill the skills gap facing America, Suzanne has developed a second training center – Under Suzanne’s engaging management style offers training classes in several targeted occupations. In addition, Suzanne is paramount in two other businesses which seek guidance and direction from her diverse sales, marketing, operations, real estate and leadership background.

IT Career Success Depends on Your Soft Skills

Desktop/Soft Skills (Room 309)
11:00 AM - 11:50 AM

Over and over we hear hiring managers say they prefer candidates with soft skills. In this interactive session, we will discuss the top ten soft skills requested by employers, how to be aware if you possess the skill and how to improve the skills to continue career success.